Think about it


I’m not gonna start writing about how miserable my life is or go emo or something. I just created this blog to irritate my friend. HAHHAHHA. It’s gonna be so funny! Anyway, I’m a teen who is quite happy and I get emotional when I’m pms-ing. Hmm…you know, if i get famous because of this blog, IT’S GONNA BE SO COOL!! HEHEHEHEH.

Well, since I’ve got nothing to talk about now, i shall talk about this friend that I have. I think she’s like a lot of teen girls out there, insecure, low self-esteem and all… She recently created a blog and after i read her first post, I get what she means but I don’t like the way she’s thinking. HEY LOOK, you’re stuck in a hole that you can get out of, so where are you choosing to stay there?  I understand what’s…

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