*cough* First Post

Well… This is my first post. ._. I was sorta forced into doing this? Due to my friends’ convoluted plan. Yea. I shall pretend to be enthusiastic and be all cheerful when actually I’m a cat person ready to grow old and die alone with my Tumblr.  

That’s the real me folks. 

Well this is probably one of the best times to start a blog, considering I’m overseas and alone with my Mom, so that means NO INTERNET -lightning strikes my heart and I fall to the ground burnt- Nahh don’t get me wrong, I love my Mom, it’s just that sometimes… nevermind MOVING ON…….

About myself? I watch YouTube videos that none of my friends watch, like science and math stuff or just things that keep me intrigued. E.g, CGPGrey, MinutePhysics, Veritasium, VlogBrothers, Numberphile, Vihart, AND SO MANY MORE!

I’m also in a lot of fandoms? Why be in one, when you can be in 10?? 😉 If you know what I mean…

Huge NerdFighter, Wholockian, and many more 🙂 

Btw no one except my friends are gonna read this so… Boo! 



Did I scare you?

(Credits to Ashie she gave me my nickname bridsnotsoslim)



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