To Janine, With Love

Since it’s a blog, this is the perfect time to tell you about my dream/nightmare, Janine.

It all started on one fateful Sunday morning -flashback begins-

Basically you know how in our whatsapp group (DG) they posted a pic of all of you guys without me? I just started to feel a bit lonely and all, and I suddenly recalled you saying “I HATE YOU” in a pm but in a joking manner. Nonetheless, I wasn’t thinking straight and c’mon, it was like 4am?

Anyway, I had a nightmare ranting about how it isn’t my fault, and I shouldn’t be hated upon just because I went overseas, to Lauren. We were walking on the way to Yaps, then all of a sudden I saw your face, then I screamed at your face “GO TO HELL”

I am HONESTLY, SINCERELY, MOST FAITHFULLY, AND REGRETFULLY, SORRY. This may be a stupid dream, but I feel really bad :/ And honestly you didn’t do anything wrong, at all, and a little bird told me ‘Dreams are often a reflection of reality’. Somewhere along those lines? And I don’t get it, but the meaning of it is that this will NEVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE.

Actually I’m a tiny bit disappointed cuz I dreamt of money before and I guess that’s never gonna come true :I

From, Bridget.
To Janine, With Love.


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