Things that actually do matter

Do you ever just take a moment, and think. Just think about anything, in the world, and about how amazing it is? How amazing it is to just even be able to think. And not just things like “What am I going to eat for Lunch?” Or “Do I look fat” or “Oh gosh I smell”. Just for a second, think. Not about yourself, but in everything else around you.

I was thinking today, about the brighter side of life. Things probably seem screwed up in your life, you’ve probably done something stupid and embarrassing in your life. But, does that even matter? You are only a small little human being of all of time and history, although everyone in time and space, is important, how exactly do you leave your mark in this world? Do you really want to spend your life examining the amount of body fats you have or the number of split hairs you have? Because honestly, when you die, all of this, isn’t going to matter. Because everything has an expiry date.

So why not, use the amount of time you have, and spend it beautifully. By just thinking. Not wasting your time on some stupid cat video you found on YouTube, and think. Sure things may seem a little down, and you’re probably going to land in deep trouble, but why bother? If you think positively, everything will turn out fine. So don’t stress yourself out too much, and think of the finer things in life, that are so much more beautiful.

Trust me, take a walk in the park, or just stare outside your window, and look. See for once, without just seeing, but looking and appreciating everything. Get out of your world of just being surrounded by yourself, because honestly, your troubles and worries are not going to matter. Soon, you’re not going to matter either. So why not look and be around the things that actually do matter?


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