No, you’re 14, and your life isn’t screwed up.

The title says it all, doesn’t it? Well I’m a 14 year old, and I am sick and tired of my peers saying “Oh gosh my life is so screwed up” because it’s not.
-Your crush doesn’t like you, your life isn’t screwed up
-You fell out with your friend, your life isn’t screwed up
-You failed a subject, your life IS NOT screwed up.

I am referring to those people, who live in perfectly good homes, have enough money to eat, drink, and have friends they can rely on. (I don’t disagree that there are 14 year olds or younger with real problems in life, and to them kudos to you for dealing with them.)

For goodness sake you’re only 14! Do you really think your entire life is going to collapse after this incident? Let me tell you the answer. Hell no it isn’t! By thinking that your world is screwed up by a silly incident, makes you extremely self-centred in my opinion. There are so much more unfortunate people in this world, and you just waste your life sulking about “your problems” which to be honest, you should just pick up yourself and move on. Maybe you do need someone to pick you up, and that person will come. You haven’t experience true desperation, and you will in the future. But now? You’re just being selfish. You refuse other people’s help because “you’re too screwed up”

NO YOU ARE NOT SCREWED UP. If you truly want to help yourself, you can, and you will, and you will definitely not think your life is screwed up. Because hey, you’re only 14. I can promise you, there is so much more things in the world you will experience, and so much more in this world that will cause you more pain, more sorrow, and compared to this? It’s nothing. You need to stop being pampered, getting away with being selfish, throwing tantrums, because no one tells you you’re just being a kid.

So believe me, you’re 14, your life isn’t screwed up.


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