What If I Needa Pee?

This is just a totally random post.

I have a surprisingly small bladder, and for some reason even just drinking less than a small cup of water, I really need to pee. So many times i’m in class and I take a couple of sips of water, then I ask the teacher whether I may pee and so forth.

But when I come back, I’m still thirsty. I drink more water, ending up needing to pee again. But it’s an unwritten rule in the “Guide To Toilets In School” that you can’t go to the toilet twice in the same period! Then I decide to hold in my pee till the next lesson.

But the WHOLE time you’d just be like “Oh god I need to pee so badly!”
“Why the hell is she talking for so long?? I NEED TO PEE DAMN IT”
“Ugh what if I get kidney stones”
And you’ll also sit in a very awkward position, crossing your legs, shaking your booty so your pee doesn’t know which direction to go and decides not to come out.
*bell rings* NEXT LESSON
You immediately run to the toilet to relieve yourself and what happens- Only a teeny bit of urine comes out. And you can feel like there’s a whole gallon of pee still in your bladder but it’s STUCK THERE. Like some kind of safe for urine to keep and store gold or something. And….. The cycle repeats itself. Sigh… Having problems like these are tiring…

So don’t judge me if you see me running to the toilet constantly because, I have issues having a small bladder.

And if you’re thinking, “Gosh Bridget why can’t you just drink a whole lot of water then pee it all at once” NO. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO DRINK MORE WATER WHEN YOU ALREADY FEEL YOUR BLADDER’S BURSTING. (Yes I do shake my ass when I feel the urge to pee but can’t so the urine doesn’t know which direction to come out from and gives up. It does work.)


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