This is PROBABLY really harsh, and I’m so sorry to that girl for me having strong feelings of malice to her, but… Ugh nevermind.

Recently I came across this Primary 6 school girl from somewhere on instagram and looked through some of them just for my own amusement.(I’m not a sick psychopath I just enjoy looking at other’s immaturity)
So, there was one post where she was like “I know why I don’t have a boyfriend it’s because I’m chubby” somewhere along those lines. But this made me slightly agitated and feel a very strong urge to make her swallow her brain for saying such things.

Firstly, you’re frakking 12. Like, what’s wrong with being single? It just means your time to meet some guy hasn’t come yet. Some people have more experience, meet guys early, have their hearts broken, but you’re just 12.

Secondly, “chubby”? You’re like a freaking stick and it’s shameful of you to call yourself that. And you yourself know that you’re not at all chubby. Are you trying to make bigger people feel bad about themselves? And who says they can’t have a boyfriend? I’m telling you, your ignorant face does. Then why would you say such a thing? The only conclusion I can come to is that you’re only seeking attention, and fishing for compliments from others to tell you how beautiful you are, and stuff.

Next, you’re making guys seem extremely shallow. Sure, looks play a part at some part of the attraction, but if your personality is terrible, it just puts people off. I’d like to think, that an overweight person would get a better boyfriend that doesn’t judge based on size, it’s hard to say with all these people like you, but they do exist. Somewhere…. The point is, some guys aren’t as shallow as you’d like them to be, and if your personality sucks I’m sorry.

All these things about your post just make me go “Really?”

I’m being extremely judgemental, and I feel it’s alright to express your opinions about someone you’ve barely met or knew by finding their social media… ._. I don’t know she might be nice, she might be a demon, I’ll never know…

I’d probably get slaughtered… But I’d really like you to stop being this way… Like why would you do this it’s like calling someone titjuice?? You just don’t do it??

(I would like to apologise if you are actually indeed really nice and just feeling down, cheer up life’ll get better!)
(But if you’re mean and stuff I guess you can go piss off)


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