Anyone else?

Anyone else wasted their whole year of 2013 on the internet? Yeap. Me too.

Was there really anything I learnt the past year? At first I’d say “Hmm… No not really” but after dwelling upon it, I have actually learnt some things…

When I say learnt, I don’t mean like I learnt how solve complexed algebraic equations or I understand how volcanoes work. I’ve learnt things that have changed my views on the world.

CGPGrey once said in a video that you have to constantly change your mind on opinions to be correct. Well, somewhere along those lines, but you get the idea. And I’m glad I did change my opinions on most of the things that I had previously. Honestly, I was a racist homophobic judgemental shitbag that never cared about anyone but myself and now I’ve learnt so many things. And that being that way isn’t good and will get you into trouble.

I’ve learnt so many things in life, but not exactly things you learn in school. And I have learnt these things on the internet itself, grown as an individual, exposed to problems and issues in the world, that I am fortunate to not be in. And I am grateful for that.

So before you say you wasted your life on the internet, think about how the internet has helped you in your life, instead of reality.


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