When you feel empty

Everyone has times when they feel left out, alone, empty. Even people who seem really happy everyday do feel that way sometimes. So… What do you do then?

This isn’t a guide to not feel depressed and all it’s just my opinion on what you can do.

Just think- Why’re you feeling that way? What makes you feel what you’re feeling? Is it because you’re excluded from a group of friends, or you’re having a bad day and no one’s there to comfort you, etc.

Go and make the effort to change- Just go all out, be daring, go say hello to someone friendly, or tell a friend through a call or texts if you’re not stuck in a place with TERRIBLE WIFI. (Sorry)

Okay now, this is the hard part. Most of the people there… Might be assholes. It’s because you’re not close to them. They have a whole group of friends and you just barge in? Yea that’s what’s gonna happen. BUT, there’s a really small percentage of people that might not. Those are the kinda people that are happy people, and they know how you’ve felt before. ‘It’s not good to isolate a person, especially if it’s your friend.’ said my friend. (The irony hahaha)

Actually… You can count on God. At least I did. When I felt secluded from the group, I prayed to God and told him that I don’t wanna feel so alone and I’d like something fun to happen. And it did! These are small little miracles from God, and your prayers are heard 🙂 I mean if you’re an atheist idk you don’t believe in God, but when you’re all alone who’s really there to keep you safe? And well I made new friends after this happened! I did feel sort of lonely still afterwards when they weren’t there, but I knew they were something I could count on. And I thank both them and God for it.

So really when you’re feeling down, and no one’s there, just remember there’s another person always by your side to get you through everything 🙂


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