Human Respect

Why are we ashamed of the silly things we do in public? Is it against the law? Why do we even care about what people think of us? In fact, we shouldn’t.

My mom told me once of a saint who’s mom told him this “There’s nothing to be ashamed of except sin.”
And well that really is true! So long as you’re not sinning, doing something wrong, why shouldn’t we do it? Why can’t we wear bright purple wigs and strut down the city in shades looking all cool and all? Honestly there’s nothing wrong with that. Because society thinks it embarrassing?

You know what screw society. Society can piss off because it’s already screwed up. They make you think that if you have to be a certain weight or you have to behave a certain way. Remember. Screw all that. You behave however the hell you want to (as long as it’s legal though). Be involved in the things you love. And never be ashamed to be whoever you truly are. Have no human respect, in a way that you don’t care about what others think of you.
And just be you. Because when you are you, people will like you for who you truly are, without being bound by the social boundary of being skinny and all that nonsense. It’s complete and utter bullshit, and you deserve so much more than that.


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