Well, 8’s my favourite number, because of it’s symmetry, and also in a Chinese dialect it sort of means make money…

So my friend Janine, made a message for all of our close friends and I’m going to do that to!

Well oh gosh ASHIE. Oh… Ashie. You have an AMAZING sense of humour, and your sarcasm never fails to brighten my day! You’re the kind of person that insults everything, and to some people(like me) it’s just so hilarious!! Especially with all those childish and grossly romantic people on twitter! Honestly I never would’ve thought I could connect with you and have such a great time! Thinking you and Janine were like the dynamic duo and the rest just circled around you guys like “.__. Okay” at first, we really didn’t and we just became a group of really close friends πŸ˜€ (you were my P1 friend too! More of classmate but yea friend!)

HEYYYY YUMII hahaha My friend from P1! I’ve had the most memories with you, skyping when you were in Japan, going over to your house almost everyday, just laughing at everything together! And well next year we’ll be in the same class! With DEP! I’m super excited with all that’s going to come next year! Are you? πŸ™‚

Well hello there Janehneh~ We kinda knew each other… From church but we didn’t talk and now look at us! We’re just like really good friends!! πŸ˜€ C’mon, I bet you never would’ve thought that one day we would’ve gotten this close heh? Well now I know all your dirty little secrets >:) I just wanna tell you to face 2014 with a positive attitude, and everything will be fine! Even if all doesn’t go your way, trust God, follow your guts, and nothing bad will happen! Also pursue your dreams and keep dreaming! What would you be if you weren’t a dreamer?

HEYYYYYYYY LAURENIEE gosh you amazing woman! My fellow whovian and sherlockian! Well you kinda don’t understand some parts of Sherlock but I always can explain them to you! You’re always classified and the lame or slow one, but in the end you always get such high grades! Like what :O But always stay true to yourself, don’t let anyone, even me, tell you that you can’t do it. Because you can, and that’s all the ever will matter. And I know sometimes you feel inferior, or like “why not me?” But you have to be patient, and good things will come to you, maybe even better things! πŸ™‚

Hahaha WOMAN! You’re so funny and you’re always so optimistic! And I know you always try to be such a ball of sunshine, but sometimes you don’t always have to be like that πŸ™‚ I know you have feelings of hurt, sadness, insecurities, and really you have to put your feelings in front of others sometimes when it matters πŸ™‚ and you too do matter! And you’re very talented with the piano, singing always, just being you! And that’s how I will remember you lenice πŸ˜€

Yeaaa you’re one of my closest friends too! Honestly I don’t think you know I have a blog and I DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW I DO :O Anyways how did I even become friends with you? I think it had something to do with Lauren, but even after that we still remained friends πŸ˜€ We’re really diverse people like you’re a coding master guru and I just use Tumblr, a lot. But oh well you’re the only person who watches the things I watch like CGPGrey, vlogbrothers, minutephysics! And I don’t even see you often but you know so much about me, and I about you. Hehehe I still don’t know some things that I hope I’ll know in the future Yippee all the best for 2014!

ODEEEE you’ve been one of my closest friends since like P3. I’m not even in the same class as you, only once in P3, yet you’re the only person I can be totally honest with, and I have never lied to you before! Hahaha I still ship Jodelia though >:) I just really hope we stay friends till we’re GRANDMASSS and gossip and the coffeeshop while our grandchildren play at the playground πŸ˜€

Oh wait… That’s seven! :I I guess I’ll write the 8th one to me! Hehehe

To me:
Why hello there~ Keep believing in your dreams and values. Just because your mom thinks something’s wrong don’t be influenced and just keep your strong moral principles πŸ™‚ Keep believing in your various dreams, and never lose your enthusiasm for the things you love! Even if people think you’re weird, you’re weird like that, and if assholes comment about your size, they’re just immature people and AT LEAST YOU HAVE BOOBS YOU DON’T NEED ANYTHING MORE πŸ˜€

Have a blessed 2014 everyone, and keep 2013 in your hearts forever πŸ™‚ Go into 2014 with a positive attitude, be cheerful, and I hope I will stay in your memories and hearts πŸ™‚


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