Best Moments of 2013

Well since today’s the last day of 2013, why don’t we make this post! And where better else… Than to use this blog of mine that only my closest friends see! 🙂

-When one of my favourite actors tweeted me!
Okay you have to understand I am COMPLETELY obsessed with this beautiful man called Tom Hiddleston. So when he had his TOMQandA every fan of his would be spamming questions to him! And well I was one of them. And he did answer my question out of hundreds and thousands of fans! I nearly passed out from excitement at 1am!

-Meeting my group of closest friends
Okay so 2012 was a bit messy and childish, and well everyone patched up in 2013 and it’s been a great year hanging out with my friends! There’s really so much to thank all of you for, being with me, and me being with you guys. Thank you so much and I love you guys 😀

-Learning about Nerdfighteria
Okay so many things have come up from this. I matured A LOT just from watching the vlogbrothers. Learning how to not be a fartbag, my current views on the LGBT community, equality, science, knowledge, books, so many other things that I never would’ve appreciated if I haven’t clicked on one vlogbrothers video, and joined their wonderful community of Nerdfighters. DFTBA.

-Tumblr 🙂
First watching Sherlock, joining Tumblr, getting addicted to British Telly. It made my whole life different in so many way, making me realise it’s okay to be overly excited for what you love. (Definition of a nerd) (But I don’t look like a stereotypical nerd.) (No one I know would classify me as a nerd) Tumblr has not just given me more trivia on my fandom, but also the moral values at which all human beings should live on. Not just because it’s your religion, but because it is the morally just thing to do.

There must be a whole lot more memories that will stay with me forever, but these are just some things I am really grateful and thankful for this wonderful, beautiful year. And thank you God, for making all of this possible 🙂

And also Sherlock Season 3’s like in a day or so I CAN’T cOPW IM NOT READY FOR THIS


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