Keep Dreaming On

You know one of those days, you’re in a particularly good mood, and then you think about your future. What am I going to do when I grow up? You think of different possibilities, options, paths, passions. And you feel elated because you think of the beautiful future you could have one day.

Then there’s the day that follows that. You feel terrible. You contemplate on the things you’ve thought about and you go “Well… I can’t do that.” And it downright sucks. Either you need to get good grades, be awfully talented. And you just move on with your horribly mundane life that nothing ever interesting happens.

It’s not fair isn’t it? What’s the point? Getting good grades to please your parents, them objecting to everything you say or believe in, being brought up in a certain way. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but it is rather tiresome.

Sometimes I wonder how the dreamers continue dreaming on… And I applaud them for that. They never let the realities of life crush their dreams, their parents objections, their peers insults. They just keep on going, thinking that one day they’ll get what they want. And they will.

I wish I could be someone like that. So daring to keep dreaming on. But I guess I’ve already gone a long way to return to that state.


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