Full of hate/love?

I’ve realised, I’ve stopped posting on my thoughts, but rather, I’ve started ranting a whole lot on what made me angry, which gave me this insight. I’ve realised, I’m incredibly immature and selfish. And that’s interesting to me because throughout the whole time I was complaining, never for once has that thought occurred to me.

Maybe it’s the Tchaikovsky music I’m listening to right now, or just a clearer mind now that I’ve calmed down… But why was I selfish? Why is anyone selfish? Why do we self-indulge, and care only about what we don’t have?

Perhaps… It’s the lack of gratitude. Because we are not grateful for what we already have, we yearn for what others do, and what we don’t. We crave for attention, when we are blinded and do not see that we are all surrounded by amazing people that support us be it your friends, family, or simply nice people. And with this lack of gratitude, we expect things to fall into our laps, we expect things to go our way. We expect people to be nice to us. But we simply don’t see that we have to earn what we want. Sure, some people may just receive this, but it is not their fault that they simply got lucky. Life is full of chances for you to get lucky, and if you happen to be a very unlucky person (like me), you have to make the best of what you already have, and one day you may just get lucky.

We shouldn’t be disappointed if we don’t get lucky, or if things don’t go our way. It just illustrates how selfish we are deep down, and makes us bitter, awful, people full of hate. Yet, if we are thankful for what we do have, we will actually be happier people, and maybe less full of hate, and more of love.

(I should come up with a catchphrase to end off my posts… To be iconic *winks disgustingly* hmm… How about…)

If you’ve made it through, I congratulate you.

(That’s pretty good)


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