Am I even making sense?

It’s that point of time where you barely get to meet your friends, and you just waste your life away lying on your bed while your laptop burns your stomach. And I, basically, spend my time browsing Tumblr and watching new movies that I’ve torrented. (Whoops don’t throw me in jail) It got me thinking, that I’m part of a community. As are my friends. We’re somehow, “sorted” into different categories based on our interests. Like me, I’m all fandom and playing Assassin’s Creed all day, some of my friends are like minecraft and church and all these other stuff… And we’re so… Different?

I mean, just opening this draft, with an empty screen just allows my thoughts to flow (which I think is amazing) when I had nothing on my mind just a few minutes ago. It’s so odd, my friends and I like so many different things, but yet we somehow have this mutual connection of just enjoying each others company.

Maybe you know, it’s like that thing where you liked something first no one else can like it kind of childish mentality, but I think it’s because we’re different, we’re closer. We can accept each other, and we(as in people in general) want to get out of our comfort bubble of familiarity, and just be together with other people who aren’t in that bubble. Or maybe I’m just making no sense.

But sometimes it’s kinda sad when I make great references to shows but no one gets.
(I mean for crying out loud you guys don’t like Lord of the Rings and XMen seriously)
(It’s amazing)

Well if you’ve made it through I congratulate you.
(Or myself)
(Probably just me)


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