Standard of Men???

The worst thing that could happen between you and an intern-teacher, is her asking you “So Bridget… I heard that you like old men.” I then glare across the room and try to explain myself that they’re not that old only… Slightly more than twice my age(15). Now I have to explain myself in greater detail, so I feel that people won’t judge me. (But who am I kidding you probably thinking I’m weird)

It’s really not that I like old men, it’s just that I’m more physically attracted to actors that look well-dressed, educated, sophisticated, and they all seem to land in a nice little pool of men in their 30s. And c’mon they’re not even that old.

Some people are more attracted to guys that look badass, guys that look sweet, guys that are cute, and some people(like me) just like guys that look extremely well mannered. Of course I do accept the fact that these men live thousands of miles away, and I would never be able to land up with one of them (considering my age and my asian-ness). My infatuation with them hasn’t been a problem, but my standards are.

In a lovely, tiny place called Singapore, it is very rare to find a guy of a similar age, with such similar qualities. And most of the guys I know, are most definitely NOT. That’s why I don’t usually have a crush. It’s because my standards have become unbelievably high, and it’s scary. Honestly I need to stop, and accept the fact that I won’t find someone like that.

So tell me how can I lower my standard of men, when all I deem fit are this charming?



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