A nice little box of opinions.

I imagine everyone to carry an ikea box in their arms, in it small novels which are, their opinions.

Now, some people have many opinions, some have very few, some are very passionate about their opinions, and that’s alright, that’s wonderful that you think about things and have views on them. What’s not okay, is when you try to force your own novel of an opinion into someone else’s box.

Now it’s okay if you go around and nicely read your novel to people around you, influencing them to too have that novel in their box. But don’t you ever dare to throw a book into someone else’s book, or try to ostracise/judge someone based on novels in their little box.

Everyone’s entitled to have their own novels, and you are too. And you ever change your opinion on something you can replace a novel that you once had with a new, improved one. You see that’s the beauty of it, you can only try to be correct if you are open and willing to constantly replace the novels inside for better ones.

The most important thing is to respect each others novels, even if they’re different than yours, or it goes completely against yours. Because likewise, their novels are completely different than yours and they believe that theirs is the right one. So basically you can have your own books and think it’s the best but you can’t force other people to believe your book is the best.

It’s all about have your own opinions, and that’s great. It really is. Just leave other people’s alone. Likewise, you are entitled to your own opinions, and anyone who tries to force theirs down your throat, is basically a piece of crap. Yeap.

So always believe in your little box of opinions, and always be open to exchange some of them! 😀


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