Maybe someday, there’ll be equality.

Why do we always have this mindset that women are inferior? It really angers me that people are treated differently, for no legitimate reason, and yet it’s still considered “okay”. No it’s not. It’s considered oppression. No one gave you the right to oppress others.
It goes the same for anything, really. Your gender, your race, your religion, your sexuality, your social status, your standing. Why do we emphasise so much on clamping down on things that simply aren’t considered normal? I do get upset, when people are being unfairly treated, be it in small ways, or in large ways.
From a woman earning 77c to a man’s dollar, to gay rights, to the injustice in law?? Especially the Ferguson incident or those alike- Really? You’re letting a white cop get away on paid leave for shooting a black teenager? MULTIPLE TIMES??? Gosh, why does the world have to be so infuriating?
I know the world isn’t ideal, and my way of thinking may be immature, but wouldn’t the world be much happier, if you would allow people to do what they want, as long as it doesn’t hurt them? I mean really what’s the harm in letting justice be done unto a normal person, or letting a woman earn the same amount of money as a man, or letting people of different sexualities than you get married? Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you stood to your own opinions, and you respect other people’s opinions, and they respect yours. And you don’t step on anyone else’s toes.

Other than my own personal dreams and aspirations, I live for the day, I see true equality. For race, for gender, for sexualities, for religions, for education, for healthcare, for anything worthy and is a right. I am truly, a feminist, and I am not afraid to stand up for the rights of others. And whoever else doesn’t agree with me, can go sit in the corner and rethink their life choices. Because right now? They’re being a giant prick.


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