This Generation.

More often than not, we think of ourselves as… idiots. Or morons that are ignorant and don’t “understand” the world. Obviously because the adults around us have been constantly reiterating that we “don’t know anything” or that we “are spoilt”. We’re the generation that uses our phones all day and waste our time watching youtube videos (or writing prententious blog posts as if they knew anything at all). But I don’t look at this generation and think “wow what a bunch of idiots the world is gonna burn”. I think “wow, what a bunch of idiots that are so ironically amazing.” I look around me, and I see hope.

This is a generation of change, and a generation with an unfair burden. That we have to bear the reprecussions of our ancestor’s mistakes, like global warming, discrimination, corrupt governments. This is a generation of hope. And I am so glad to be born in the time where we can access information by simply poking a flat screen, because that in itself is amazing. Adults always say “In my day… We didn’t have cellphones” (Yea in your day you couldn’t have a bidet wash your butthole for you are you gonna say that it was better in the 70s??) So why do people still believe that we’re such a spoilt generation?

Because when I read the news, I see two sides. I see a world, trapped with ugliness. With poverty, war, illiteracy, corruption, global warming. And I also see a world, with new inventions, with youths solving problems of the world, providing access to clean water, and I see that on the black wall of what would be our world, I see splotches of white, just bursting to spread its light to its surroundings. And with the UN’s Global Goals, I am so so happy that we’re finally fixing our world.

-This Generation-
In this generation, smoking has reduced by 50%, infant mortality has decreased, more people are getting an education, more people don’t DIE from diseases that have cures, and more people live. (Sorry I don’t have stats but yea)

Why aren’t we celebrating our progress? Why aren’t people shouting for joy when they hear “Oh look! Now these women and girls are free from the Boko Haram!” WHY AREN’T WE EXCITED THAT OUR WORLD IS BECOMING A BETTER PLACE. I know we’re nowhere near saving our world from anything really. And that’s why the UN Global Goals is so important. We NEED attention to be focused on what we’re lacking.

Unlike the vlogbrothers video, where Hank got angry because our world is truly messed up, I am glad. I am glad that there are people in this world, people who are educated, passionate, that CARE. Because these people, have the power to make change. We have the power to. Sometimes it’s so easy to forget that in this world, thousands, even millions are being persecuted innocently. Simply because (fortunately) we live in one of the best cities, where we are safe. It’s so easy to think “Oh Singapore I hate the education system because it’s so stressful” but we don’t appreciate the education. Yes it is flawed, but WITH this education we can bring change. We can spread the importance of education, to make other countries a safer, better place, and heck maybe one day change our own education system. This world isn’t perfect. And yes we should get angry that it’s not.

But I am so happy, that this generation cares.

(This is inspired by some tumblr post that I read, talking about this generation’s progress-like how literacy rates have increased, IQ levels are increasing. And also the latest vlogbrothers video, Pissed Off for a Better World . 

This is the Global Goals, and number 4 to me is so so so important. With education, we can bring about change and stop all the awful things happening in the world. So please spread this around everywhere. )


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