Praise God! 

I love worship. I really do, and it’s opened my eyes to so much more than I could ever imagine it would. Worship is a very intimate form of prayer, for me, when I sing the songs or play the keys, but it’s more than that. It’s praying. It’s so simple to say “oh yea pray the song” but it’s actually, quite hard. It’s above singing lyrics and knowing tunes, it’s about surrendering yourself to the Holy Spirit, and knowing that what you’re doing is not from you, but from God. 
Initially I joined worship because you know I could play the keys so why not? I mean I liked praise and worship, but I never had a strong calling to join it. It never occured to me the power and influence worship can have on others and on ourselves. Over the past week, I finally gained a tiny insight into, whatever this is. It’s actually rather difficult to completely surrender yourself and believe, “Lord, I am your instrument, use me in this time, to spread your mercy and love into the hearts of others.” Just as we musicians use instruments to make harmony, tunes, to allow others to sing, God uses us instruments to give love, allowing others to experience him in a different way. 
The experience of being in the worship team as compared to attending a worship session is different, but similar in the way we allow God to take control. And that’s all that really matters. Immersing yourself in the presence of the Lord is the only thing that matters, not how well you sing or if you’ve played the wrong chord. 
The effect it has on others is astonishing though. And it’s super duper easy to be like “great job guys! We did well!” But honestly, it should really be “praise the lord! He has worked wonders through us!” It’s a combination of humilty and understanding that all that we do is not our own ability, but through the Holy Spirit and the gifts God has given us. Just sharing something, a message from a confirmand’s mother. (Anne is a confirmand who has CP) 

And honestly, praise the Lord because tiny miracles like this do happen, and it’s not because of us humans. Be it whether you were praying over, or worshipping or facilling, because we are merely tools God uses to spread his love, joy, mercy, and faith.

Thank you Lord Jesus, for bringing me into this path of serving and loving You. 


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